“Ten Mary Adam.” East End, London

“Ten Mary Adam” in context with a specific site in London.  Site-specific installations are a means of showing ones work when there’s not a gallery or museum pounding on the door asking to display it themselves.  Site-specific installations require field trips from the studio or kitchen table into the wider world.  Do you ask for permission, or forgiveness, when selecting your site?  My rule: “Oh sorry, please forgive me.”  When I post work at a site, photograph it, and then remove it, the audience becomes individuals who later view photographs of the installation.  When work’s left behind, the audience tends to discover it’s fastened only with thumbtacks, and the work is taken.  Cheers to my nameless collectors.  – JM

On “site-specific installations.”

These archived photographs are from 2006.  That’s about the time I started taking my work into the field to see it installed in specific settings.  I’m in the process of beginning a new series of site-specific installations.  * The first photograph shows a heavy framed piece in a creek – suspended on a tilted stake driven into loose sand and pebbles. That seems risky to me now.  – JM