Heirloom Art Bed

The idea is: I will create original art, frame it on the headboards of twin beds I make from scratch, and people will like these art beds, and the heirloom beds will be handed down through generations, making always a comfortable place to sleep while keeping my art in circulation.

Rooted in the Heart VI

“Rooted in the Heart VI.”  Eur’s new unfoldable.  From an ongoing series.  Print on colored paper.  Art that you can receive in the mail and unfold at home.

“The birds we see in the dead of night.” New painting.

The birds we see in the dead of night.  Oil on oak panel.  24 x 48 inches.  Based on a succession of falcons I witnessed swooping across Interstate 65, somewhere outside of Indianapolis, around 3 am.  My headlights caught 5 or 6 of them and it was a rare event, as they normally fly during the day. – JM

The Birds We See in the Dead of Night.

New piece: “The stacks”

The stacks was done with a Micron 05 on heavy French paper.  I drew with the final mounting in mind.  There are (4) 1/2 inch chrome bolts holding a Masonite board to a slab of medium density fiberboard.  This piece hung with work I showed this past weekend at a local arts festival and I’m happy to say it was greatly admired by several people.  Drawing with a high quality pen on skillfully compressed paper is awesome.  The side views are my favorites.  The photographs don’t translate what’s to see in person.  Ultimately I’d like to compose these at a more massive scale of two stories on the side of a building wall. – JM

Three photographs from an unexpected journey

1Craw Ridge, Georgia.

2Beacon Creek, Iowa.


Pike, North Dakota.

A phone call, a death, arrangements.  Consequently, I had to take an unexpected journey through North America this past August.  I made these eyeballs prior to leaving and they came with me.  – JM