7 Homicides in Chicago (post 2 of 5).

“A few details of the 500+ rocks that my art students and I painted for Love After Homicide (our installation in Millennium Park, Chicago).  On the front of each rock was a painting; on the back of each the name of a Chicago murder victim (January 2014 – May 2015).  Every rock was traded with the public for an act of kindness.  Most participants couldn’t believe Chicago was the sight of 500+ homicides in just seventeen months.”  – ER

Love After Homicide (post 1 of 5).

Love After Homicide was this year’s art installation.  My art students and I transformed Chicago murders into resonating acts of love.  The installation was set up and run entirely by the students in Chicago’s Millennium Park on June 2.  We brought over 500 rocks, each painted as a memorial for a Chicago murder victim (from January 2014 to March of 2015).  These were set out and the public was invited to take a rock in exchange for committing a random act of love.  This was a moving experience for my students and for the participating public.”  – EM

Love After Homicide.

An art installation that transforms ongoing Chicago murders into resonating acts of love.

“Each one of these stones is a hand painted tribute that commemorates a Chicago homicide victim (January 2014 – present).  Soon, we will have hand-painted over 500 rocks, each affixed with the name of someone who was murdered in Chicago during the past 17 months.  The rocks, acting as little memorials, will be spelled into the word “TRADE.”  During the installation, the public will be invited to take a rock in exchange for committing a random act of love towards some other person, anywhere and at any time in the future.  We want to honor Chicago homicide victims with something kind and beautiful.”  – Eur Moma.  5.17.2015.