Campaign Cycles

I’m continuing to work on Unfoldables – they are made by arranging and gluing 16 photocopies onto single, large sheets of paper.  Certain areas are then painted.  Here I’m exploring an antithesis to the avalanche of campaigning that will undoubtedly inundate our lives through late 2016.  – JM

The Golden Parties

This work satisfies my desire to create at a big size, but not on canvas.  These pieces can be folded to the size of a notebook and easily mailed.  They are paper-based but not fragile.  The gold is paint.  The rest is 16 common photocopies pasted to a single large piece of black paper.  It’s process intensive.  I’ve been folding and unfolding the work multiple times and it’s sound engineering.  The Golden Parties pieces are part of the America series and best seen through this platform’s viewer.  – JM