Rooted in the Heart VI

“Rooted in the Heart VI.”  Eur’s new unfoldable.  From an ongoing series.  Print on colored paper.  Art that you can receive in the mail and unfold at home.

Painting smoke


I started painting smoke last summer, and approached the concept a few times more this summer.  This piece, The Rebecca Ward Goes Down, symbolically describes wooden ships that were frozen in place, and ultimately crushed by the ice, as early explorers (such as Robert Peary and crew) attempted to reach the top of the world.


Latex paint and ink on medium density fiberboard, framed in oak, maple and walnut.

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These photographs are from a temporary outdoor exhibit I posted on the exterior wall of an abandoned concrete facility at the end of July.  Plenty of neighborhood people passed by and enjoyed the art…  – JM

Industrial Revolution Paintings


Industrial Revolution: Past.  24 x 24 inches.  Latex on oak panel.


Industrial Revolution: Present. 24 x 24 inches.  Latex on oak panel.


Industrial Revolution: Future.  24 x 24 inches.  Latex on oak panel.


Our self portraits

1.  Self Portrait

Eur’s self portrait.  Oil paint on canvas; wood panels.

Diary of Salina Township.  112 slide mounts, photographs, Native American arrowhead, local sand, local seeds, stretched in oak frame.  2009.

Joe’s self portrait.  112 slide mounts, photographs, Native American arrowhead, local sand, local seeds.

Thanks Joe! (post 5 of 5)

“Solid documentation of art you hold dear seems important.  Joe’s been working on a series of “unfoldables” and he used the process to create five pieces of unfoldable art documenting Love After Homicide, the Millennium Park art installation I completed with my students.  Presented here are photographs of Joe explaining unfoldables and shots of the five documentary pieces he created.  Thanks Joe!”  – EM

NEW WORK: “Ten Mary Adam” and “Pharaoh”

“Ten Mary Adam” is a black and white composition made of leftover prints from another piece I’m working on – I glued it to black paper and anticipate hanging it somewhere in public.  “Pharaoh” was composed on MS Publisher 98 – a vintage workhorse of office ware.  Shown is a draft layout for Pharaoh.  Throughout the coming summer I’m going to approach unfoldable wall pieces in new ways.  – JM

Imagining Trees

Imaging Trees was done in 2008.  It was our second collaboration, completed over a couple of weeks.  Eur and I worked from different sides of the paper, always on the living room floor.  Prismacolor pencils ejected from their cupped trays to everywhere around us.  Nina Simone or Jeff Buckley or I made her listen to what Wilco had been released by then and she made me listen to surfy singers.  We would turn off the porch light and take breaks on the front concrete step.  We had been together four years, each doing our own art, and our egos were sniffing each other out while we kept in our own spaces and contributed our individual trees to the larger composition.  There were no battles during this one.”  – JM