[Reprinted from Motor_Bike, Portland.]A guy with stuff on his bike


Motor_Bike:  “What were your given names?”

Joe Moma:  “I was born James but ditched it for Joe about a year ago.”

Eur Moma:  “My given name was Eurasia but I changed it to Europa and then shortened it to Eur.”

M_B:  “You say you’re Traditionalists and Modernists in the same sentence.  How is this so?”

JM:  “Traditionalists in that we’ve both studied art from bone flutes through the common periods found in art galleries and we find value in tradition.”

EM:  “Gentileschi’s Judith Slaying Holofernes was in Chicago this past winter and we went twice to see it, it being such an overwhelming old world masterpiece.”

M_B:  “How do you consider yourselves Modernists?”

JM + EM:  “We recognize that in the modern field of working artists, there’s so much work being produced in every possible medium and hybrid medium, and that there’s so many motivated artists putting themselves into situations where they achieve notice, whether it’s at a local gallery, farmer’s market or a regional or national forum.  We are Modernists because we work comfortably within the existence of all that’s going on today.”

Joe and Eur Moma Official Photograph


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