3 more solo shows in Detroit

Artists: if you want to show your work, simply bring your work into public and show it.  Here are 3 more solo shows I completed in Detroit this past week.  1…at fancy vegetarian restaurant Seva (Diego #1 and fat frog #1 (ode to Diego) in the bar area).  2…at homey Traffic Jam and Snug (fat frog #2 (ode to Diego) is currently posted on their wall).  3…at independent Source Booksellers (Golden Parties from the America series hung inside, facing the sidewalk viewer).  In all, we showed and left 21 pieces in Detroit.  – JM

2 thoughts on “3 more solo shows in Detroit

  1. Do you leave cards at the locations? Or do you ever post your contact info with the artwork? Or do you just like the incorporating the art into the environment without attribution?


    1. The Unfoldable artwork was left inside mailers that were hand-stenciled on the outside; the mailers had not just information for contacting us, but also some additional (and free!) prints of our work inside. One person from Detroit not only loves what he received (a hand-painted golden flag) but he is having it framed, because he said it’s a “valuable piece of art.” That email seriously made my day.

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