3 Diegos for Detroit

3 unfoldable Diego’s.  Going with us to Detroit.  We’re bringing and leaving 21 unfoldables in all.  I hope people who get the unfoldables will be inspired to hang, photograph, and email.  The unfoldables break bread at the table of modern art.  – JM

2 thoughts on “3 Diegos for Detroit

    1. Lori – we’ll post Detroit images – the Diego / Frida show at the Detroit Institute of Art was amazing. We left 21 unfoldables in the city. The process is 16 pieces of cardstock mounted (with Decoupage glue) onto a single large piece of black paper, with the spaces between being for the folds. It’s kind of laborious but it lets us complete work at a size normally reserved for canvas with minimal costs – low enough that we could readily leave the 21 pieces for free. We’re caught in the trenches, our artist voices competing with a million other voices asking to be noticed. We really hope Detroit talks back to us! – JM


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