3 Collaborators Wanted

It’s my goal to orchestra “small moment shows” in cities and local environments across North America.  3 collaborators interested in participating in this art activity should contact me for details.  I will send the first editions of either the golden flag, the golden whale, or both the golden parties pieces from America series (the mailable, unfoldable pieces that appear in this post).  Work is hand-mounted, hand-painted and yours.  In exchange I’m asking that collaborators install and photograph the work in some fitting way.  Logistics arranged through email.  – JM

4 thoughts on “3 Collaborators Wanted

    1. Thanks! I grew up in an area where there are many remains of earlier farmsteads. The old barns seem to always be the last structures standing on the properties, and the expansive wooden sides make create backgrounds upon which to hang work.


  1. Joe, I admire your original thinking on these unfoldables and love how they look in the photos. If I didn’t live in the same city, you know I’d be lobbying to collaborate with you. I will be in San Diego the last week of July, if that helps, but you probably are looking for collaborators who are genuinely locals of the distant cities/places. Lori

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  2. Lori – I admire your work and if you are interested, I’d love to send you, for free and keeps, an unfoldable piece. I’ve been brainstorming many potentials and if you’re interested in receiving a piece, contact me through email and I’ll put something fun in the mail! – JM


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