“Ten Mary Adam.” East End, London

“Ten Mary Adam” in context with a specific site in London.  Site-specific installations are a means of showing ones work when there’s not a gallery or museum pounding on the door asking to display it themselves.  Site-specific installations require field trips from the studio or kitchen table into the wider world.  Do you ask for permission, or forgiveness, when selecting your site?  My rule: “Oh sorry, please forgive me.”  When I post work at a site, photograph it, and then remove it, the audience becomes individuals who later view photographs of the installation.  When work’s left behind, the audience tends to discover it’s fastened only with thumbtacks, and the work is taken.  Cheers to my nameless collectors.  – JM

6 thoughts on ““Ten Mary Adam.” East End, London

    1. Thanks Lori for your kind compliments. The “Love After Homicide” installation was completed with amazing success in Grant Park, Chicago yesterday. Photos for that will be posted soon. Hope the sock project is getting underway…

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      1. Glad your Love project went well. I had thought you said it would be Monday, but then when I heard Tuesday was Gun Violence Awareness Day, I knew it must be scheduled then.

        I’ll write you more about socks later.

        Want you to see this, if you haven’t already. Any installation artist would love this and appreciate what went into it:


      2. Yes the link worked and it’s an amazing video. I’m in awe of the craftsmanship of the actual piece, and then to comprehend not only that the piece is making the music, but that it had to be designed very specifically to produce the range of sounds (like when a second sphere is triggered to fall and make an accompaniment – genius). Thanks for sharing – I forwarded the link to the music teacher in the building where I work. JM

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