NEW WORK: “Ten Mary Adam” and “Pharaoh”

“Ten Mary Adam” is a black and white composition made of leftover prints from another piece I’m working on – I glued it to black paper and anticipate hanging it somewhere in public.  “Pharaoh” was composed on MS Publisher 98 – a vintage workhorse of office ware.  Shown is a draft layout for Pharaoh.  Throughout the coming summer I’m going to approach unfoldable wall pieces in new ways.  – JM

3 thoughts on “NEW WORK: “Ten Mary Adam” and “Pharaoh”

    1. I was working on a simple sculptural piece and it developed into a traffic cop. I remembered hearing something in cop shows from when I was young, shows like “CHiPS” or “Emergency” when into their walkie talkies they said, “Ten Mary Adam.” Or so I remember. When I google searched it, there’s no specific cop or ambulance term I found like that. With that term rattling in my brain, I put together leftover prints, considered them to appear like a figure, and needing a name I gave it “Ten Mary Adam.” I’m gearing up to produce and post several “Ten Mary Adams” across the globe. My first stop is East End, London.

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      1. Thanks. The lesson for me is about the value of being creative with naming, just as one is with the ideas and production of the work.


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